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Angie Brooks

Meet the Owner of Brooks Electrolysis Ltd

Since 1988, Angie Brooks has been providing caring, conscientious, professional electrolysis to men, women and transgendered people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. She has many years of experience working on all skin colors and hair types. She also has experience working on scarred skin due to severe burns, an on ingrown hair on the face and neck.

She began having electrolysis in her early 20s, and going through the treatment got her interested in being an electrologist. She graduated from Eleanor Roberts Institute of Electrolysis in Boston in 1987 and received her certification through the Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Associations in 1989. She remains a longstanding member of that organization as well as the Atlantic Association of Professional Electrologists. She’s been in business since 1992.

After all these years, she continues to be excited about her work. Knowing that she’s providing people with a permanent solution to unwanted hair is very satisfying. Her mission is to continue to provide a comfortable, safe and confidential service for her clients. Because electrolysis can be uncomfortable at times, she’s made it her mission to perform it as painlessly as possible.