woman with hairless arms

Tips for Choosing an Electrologist in Halifax

Members of the Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Associations are:
  • members of their provincial electrolysis organizations
  • trained professionals who display their credentials of training and affiliations to their provincial and national organizations
  • electrologists who provide personal consultations to fully explain the electrolysis procedure in relation to individuals’ hair problems
  • electrologists who are following approved sterilization methods and use pre-sterilized disposable needles

Guidelines for Choosing a Professionally Trained Electrologist
  • The electrologist and their facility should be professional.Membership in an electrolysis organization is beneficial as it indicates exposure to and interest in the electrolysis practice and developments.
  • The electrologist should have all educational certificates displayed. An electrolysis certificate is not a guarantee of quality because training schools are not standardized or evenly assessed. However, it does indicate that they have been trained.
  • They should be able to answer all your questions about electrolysis with confidence.
  • The client should not be able to feel the hair being removed after it`s been treated (like a tweeze). A properly treated hair will slide out from the follicle with ease and minimum sensation.
  • Electrologists should be able and willing to discuss their hygiene and sterilization procedures.
  • Pre-sterilized, one-use needles are a must.