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    Nevus: A note from your primary care Doctor or Dermatologist is required to remove hair from moles. It must state the area of the body. (ex. the mole on the face is ok for the removal of hair by Electrolysis.)

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    Cancellation Policy

    The Appointment time you have chosen is the fee you will be charged.
    The ways you can Reschedule or Cancel your appointment.
    1. Online through Scheduling System or (View My Appointments)
    2. By Telephone (time stamped) 902-478-7393 up to 48 hours before your appointment.
    After this time passes your Credit Card is Automatically Charged or an Invoice is issued.
    Same applies to No Show appointments. Appointments must be paid before the commencement of your next treatment.
    Any other form is not monitored ex. emails or direct messaging through Facebook or other social media is not accepted as a cancellation notification.
    Thank you.