Thermocoagulation is a painless, non-invasive cosmetic treatment for benign lesions that uses a tiny pinpoint probe that is softly put to the skin. Since high-frequency energy is used instead of a laser during this procedure, just a minor heat and prickly sensation are experienced.

Thermocoagulation is drawn to the water on the epidermal tissue’s surface layer, whereas lasers are drawn to color contrast in the skin. The skin around the lesion is left unharmed as the pinpoint probe precisely targets it. The lesion that has been treated instantly begins to dehydrate and crust after therapy, and after about 7 to 10 days of healing, it exfoliates and falls off. Thermocoagulation effectively cures scalp lesions without destroying any hair or preventing hair growth, making it safe for sensitive areas surrounding the eyes.

Treatment is provided by way of the latest in Visual Technology that supports multiple degrees of magnification thus ensuring precise insertions.

Our Epilator is the latest in Electrolysis Equipment available on the market today, boasting more client comfort and the delivery of the fastest epilation.

Advanced treatment procedures using High Frequency for treating and removing a variety of skin anomalies, spider veins, broken capillaries, skin tags, millia, petechiae, cherry angiomas and more.

Your skin appearance improves over a period of time. There is little or no down time experienced. However, there is a bit of healing to take place following your procedure.

An overlap of heat patterns is generated and will coagulate the seepage that has seeped into the surface of the layer of the skin.

This same high frequency is used to treat all other skin anomalies.

Typically, these blemishes are found all over the face and body.

Advanced training is required with these procedures, always know the Credentials of the practitioner that will treat you with any procedure.